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There has been a lot of buzz around this weight loss system as of lately. This is likely due to the new approach it takes to women and weight loss. The Venus Factor system is a diet and exercise system that targets the female metabolism and works with it. It quickly became popular internationally as a powerful potential way to shed fat and reshape the female body. If you haven’t heard anything about The Venus Factor you can watch the very informative video at their official website. In my The Venus Factor Review you will learn the following:

What The Venus Factor is.

How this program differs from other weight loss programs.

What leptin is – and why it is important in managing your weight.

Advantages we found with The Venus Factor.


The Venus Factor Review – Nothing Ever Works?

Are you like many women trying to lose weight in that you’ve tried several or even dozens of weight loss products over the years. Some might have worked althougThe Venus Factor Review Bannerh most of them didn’t, and when they did it was only a matter of time until the fat came back again. Maybe you’ve had children and haven’t been truly satisfied with your body ever since. Losing weight (or trying to) can be very frustrating, especially if you see no results.

Somehow it seems that all those weight loss products weren’t made for you at all, or they would have done SOMETHING, right? Well, the truth is that most of them weren’t made for you, they were designed for men, with a very different metabolism.

As a female one of your important evolutionary roles is to carry and give birth to children. This is one of the main reasons the female body differs from the male body to such a large extent. It is designed to optimally be able carry children  and hence fat is stored in the belly, butt, thigh and hips to ensure a childs health when pregnant even during periods of famine. There is not likely to be any real risk of starvation if you have internet access and are able to read this article. The body doesn’t know that however, and thus it stays prepared.


Importance of Leptin

Leptin, a term many of you are probably not familiar with, has a very important role in The Venus Factor System. If you feel like you’ve tried most diets be it low-carb, sugar-free or low-fat, the focus of this system is different. This is good since trying the same thing that didn’t work before isn’t going to get anyone anywhere.The Venus Project Review Flat Belly

Leptin is an appetite- and metabolism-regulating hormone. As an overweight woman you are almost guaranteed to have leptin resistance. This means your body react’s differently to leptin then a male body. You don’t get alerted when you’ve eaten enough calories the same way that a man would, which makes over-eating a lot harder to avoid.

It’s common for weight loss attempts for women to backfire and further reduce the leptin signal needed to lose weight and not over eat. This holds true especially after pregnancy where the resistance to leptin tends to get worse.

So does this leptin resistance mean that you as a woman are doomed to over-weight? No it doesn’t. As it turns out women are producing twice as much leptin as men are, it’s just a lot harder to access. This program teaches you some secrets about how you eat is affecting the amount of leptin that can be used by the body.


The Venus Factor Review: Advantages

- One of a kind. One of the biggest advantages to it is the fact that it is such  unique approach to weight loss. This gives new hope to women that think they have tried it all and not found what works for their body. Hormones and metabolism are such huge factors in why women gain weight in the first place. It makes a lot of sense that a possible answer could have to do with these.

- It guides you through what to eat instead. When you have the will power set but instead you trip at the next step, this will catch you in the fall. To avoid the confusion once you get to the grocery store of what it actually is you should be eating as part of your new habits, the Venus System includes a very useful Virtual Nutritionist.

- Exercise extras. The nutrition secrets carrying the main weight of the program could very well have been enough already, the bonus exercise videos focusing on a tighter and sexier shape is a more than welcome add-on.

- Social support. This is an important factor for many women, which this program solved tactfully. You get access to a nice internet venus factor community forum with other women going through the same process.

The Venus Factor Review drop dress size

The Venus Factor Review – Just remember, there will always be a little hard work involved when it comes to changing ones life. This is what one of its users has to say about it.

When I first got the program, I must admit I felt slightly disappointed. I was looking for some flashy kind of celebrity diet that would give me the body I dreamt of in a few weeks. I understand now that’s not realistic. One can’t help hoping for instant results.. So far I’m thrilled about the results though! Weight is dropping steadily for the first time since… Forever. Dresses I haven’t worn in years are starting to fit me again. I don’t have to starve nor take any medications so I’m really happy about all of this! Through increased understanding of my body and how leptin works either with me or against me I feel that the odds are finally on my side in this battle against my genes. I’ll be a sexy young mom once again!



It’s important to always stress that you should not expect any over night miracles. This system sure has been called a miracle by some, but it takes place over time. The program is easy to follow and very well designed. It will certainly be challenging at first, but noticing results is a great motivator that will help you with this.

The diet should not be that hard to stick to since overall there seem to be few complains about cravings or hunger pains. The program does a great job at explaining the various hang-ups women are having when trying to lose weight, many of which you may identify with have you tried losing weight before. Reading about them will help you prevent them. There are also many “truths” to losing weight exposed as myths. It can be a strange feeling at first learning that your efforts and techniques have had no impact or even a reverse effect.

Hopefully you now have a much better understanding of what The Venus Factor is, what makes it different, why leptin is of importance and how it could benefit you.

All in all, this is a great product for weight loss with information hard to find elsewhere. Best of luck in getting the body you want!

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